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Jonathan Goulet

sound + video artist

Alexandre Morin

choreographer + visual artist

Jonathan Goulet is a composer and filmmaker with a proclivity to approach any artistic medium through unconventional methods. Whether it be through sound or film, his practice aims to manipulate perceptions. Time dilating sound ecosystems and creative uses of optical illusions in photography have become recurring tools of his arsenal.

Constantly negotiating a precarious balance between serious intellectual curiosity and childlike wonder, his work becomes a lens best used to focus on conscious states that resemble daydreaming. With a continually growing urge to dive into his wildest fantasies he seeks to create a sense of catharsis in a deeply hypnotic and surreal esthetic.

Alexandre Morin is guided by a curiosity in the infinite potential of the sensorial body in scenographic environnements. His object and material driven practice is founded on a deep rethinking of the body in its plasticity and imaginative capacity.

Through his research, he strives to liberate the body from its social envelope to reveal it as primal kinesthetic material, bringing sensations, personal archives and abstract potentialities into motion. His movement research is informed by ecosomatics and queer studies, with a pronounced interest in human anatomy, marine biology, and sculpture.


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