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Set in a variety of visually stimulating environments, Liminal Drift follows a series of abstract characters as they move through natural or artificial landscapes. In these playfully ambiguous moments, the viewer is invited to witness the embodiment of fleeting conscious states that teeter on the edge between attention to the outside world and the inner imaginary fantasies that are induced.    

Concept + Artistic direction: Other Animals

Assistant director of photography: Will Mackenzie

Sound design + video editing: Jonathan Goulet

Choreography: Alexandre Morin

Performers: Myriam Arseneault, Nindy Banks, Gabriel Dharmoo, Maxime D-Pomerleau, Martin Marier

Costume design: Micheal Slack

Digital instrument building: Martin Marier

Public relations: Johanie Bouffard (Deneb)

Sound mixing: Kevin Gironnay

This project is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


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